Golden Visa

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Golden Visa

优势: 5年后可得永居,无移民监. 自由进入其他申根国家. 申请家庭团聚,在欧洲其他国家工作学习, 不但可以申请永居,甚至可以申请国籍

获得居留相关要求: 相关要求: 购买超过50万欧元的房产或投资100万欧元或创造至少10个就业岗位

续签条件: 首先会获得一年居留,之后可以延期2年 最具吸引人的还是葡萄牙的移民监,居住要求,只需要1年住满7天获是2年14天


1 – The Golden Visa. What is it?
The Golden Visa Program launched by the Portuguese Authorities in October 2012 is a fast track for foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal (“Golden Visa”).

Under the Golden Visa program, non-EU citizens simply need to carry out one of the investments set out in the law to qualify to obtain a residency permit in Portugal. This residency permit will allow the investor to enter and/or live in Portugal and to travel freely within the vast majority of European countries (Schengen space).

Aimed at attracting foreign investment to Portugal, the Golden Visa is a very straightforward and flexible program, with simple and clear legal requirements. With extremely reduced minimum stay requirements, the Golden Visa is clearly one of the most attractive residency programs for investors in the world.

2 – What types of investments are allowed under the Golden Visa rules?
The following types of investment qualify for the Golden Visa program:
a) Acquisition of property in the amount of or greater than € 500,000
b) Transfer of funds above € 1,000,000 or more
c) Creation of at least 10 (ten) jobs in Portugal
It should be noted that only investments effectively made after 8th October 2012 are eligible for the Golden Visa program.

3 – For how long is the Golden Visa valid? Once issued, the Golden Visa will be valid for an initial period of 1 (one) year and then will be renewed for subsequent periods of 2 years.

4 – What are the general requirements that the investor has to comply with? The simplicity of the Golden Visa Program implies an extremely reduced amount of requirements being asked from the investor. The Golden Visa Program sets out that the investor must comply with general requirements applicable to all types of qualifying investments and also with the specific requirements of each type of qualifying investment.

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